What Is Complexity U?

Complexity University is a platform that provides teams with practical, hands-on support for learning how to tackle complex social challenges.

The heart of Complexity U rests on a 20-year practice based on social labs. Just as we have scientific and technical labs to address scientific and technical problems, social labs are designed for addressing complex social challenges.

As our challenges grow in scale and difficulty, the absence of people with real mastery at addressing these challenges is our Achilles heel. Complexity U is designed to rapidly build widespread capabilities amongst teams for devising effective responses to complex challenges.

What's Included?

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is reference for the practice of addressing complex challenges.

It is a wiki that allows users to navigate through core concepts, links through to further reading, media, case studies and supporting documents.


Complexity U will provide unique access to our network of coaches who have extensive and irreplicable experience working in the field. Teams will be given individual coaching to support their challenge.


Teams will have access to a series of seminars covering different areas of social labs in detail.

The seminars provide an opportunity to interact with the trainers and fellow students.

Lab In A Box

A codification of cutting-edge lab practice, straight from the field.

Lab In A Box is a practical, practice orientated toolkit for taking effective strategic action. It provides practical tools for developing effective strategy.

Video Library

A library of video talks will provide teams with explanations, tools and techniques to give teams insight into the practice and paradigm of social labs.

Discussion Forums

Community is key to social labs. The forums will provide a place to discuss ideas and share learnings with lab teams all over the world.

Annual Learning Festival

Each year we will be hosting an annual learning festival with invites open to all teams to come together and share ideas and learning.

Case Clinic

When you sign up to Complexity U we give you a 90 minute bespoke “case clinic” to help diagnose where you are, the state of your team and what you need to be focused on moving forward.

Who Is Complexity U For?

Complexity U is designed for action-orientated teams addressing complex social challenges.

Are you launching a new strategic response to a challenge in a domain such as poverty, unemployment, public healthcare, climate change, women’s empowerment or anything involving multiple diverse stakeholders?

Examples of teams that will benefit from the platform include:

  • Charities & NGOs
  • Government Departments & Teams
  • Foundations
  • Universities

For those starting-up:

Complexity U will ensure that you set-up your responses without making obvious or elementary mistakes that will later undermine your strategy.

For those operationalizing a strategy:

Complexity U will provide access to practical hands-on guidance for how to operationalize your strategy effectively.

For those wondering why their strategic responses are ineffective:

Complexity U will allow you to diagnose why your strategy is not working and get you the support you need to pivot from an ineffective response to an effective response.

How Can I Sign Up?

Learning is better together. You must be part of a team to sign up to Complexity U; we recommend a team of 6-10 people. Ideally you are already working on a systemic challenge, or have a challenge in mind that you are seeking to address. Get in touch with us to find out more.